Pro Bono Treatment for Post Traumatic and Chronic Stress

I participate in a program called Give and Hour that matches Veterans with therapists who provide treatment at no cost. I typically offer 1 – 4 sessions of ART for symptoms related to PTSD. Periodically I do have low or no-fee slots for up to 4 sessions. ART is so easy, so fast, you won’t need more that 4 sessions. That’s four 50 or 90 minute sessions that I offer to be completed in two months.

I am also in the process of becoming certified as a trainer in this therapy. As part of that I am required to submit video tapes of my sessions. These videos are confidentially reviewed by trained therapists who are evaluating my ability to teach the therapy to others based on my ability to follow a script and a precise procedure. This absolutely will not affect the outcome of your sessions and will help me start training more therapist here in the Northwest.

Over the next month I do need to record around one session a week. Let me know if you are interested in this, and if you’d like to set up a 90 minute appointment. I’d love to help you and you can help me.