A Different Kind of Therapy to Help You
Overcome Effects of Trauma, Stress and Anxiety

Trauma Recovery

Trauma affects how we process emotions and creates common psychological problems including daily, debilitating anxiety, phobias, panic attacks and depression. Trauma can come from a single life altering event or something from a lifetime ago that you’ve been trying to sweep under the rug. I utilize a cutting edge therapy that rewires the nervous system. You experience resolution and release from parts of yourself  that’s always been difficult and overwhelming.


Treating Traumatic Stress

I treat people who’ve been hit hard by life. People who are struggling with emotional scars due to trauma, accident, natural, physical injury, abuse, war or any kind of difficult life circumstance. People who’ve experienced overwhelming fear, whether that’s fear of imminent death, or fear of never belonging. I work with people who’ve been anxious and fearful their whole lives, who can’t go out in crowds, or are phobic about driving or public speaking, athletes who’ve been injured and can’t get their head back in the game. These are all people who’s nervous systems are locked in the fear response. Now there is compelling research that shows us that these fear responses can actually be erased. I utilize a proven treatment method, Accelerated Resolution Therapy to do this quickly and with much less effort than you’d expect.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

As a trauma therapist, I use a powerful new technique called Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), to treat the symptoms of PTSD, phobias, anxiety and other conditions with noticable results in as little as one session. I offer treatment, training and consultation to individuals or groups wanting increased satisfaction out of their work, whether it’s as a client or as a provider helping people recover from acute or life long effects of trauma.

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As a Trauma Therapist, I Focus On:

• Depression
• Social Isolation and Loneliness
• Anger Management
• Mood Disorders
• Trauma and Abuse
• Social Anxiety
• Panic, Anxiety and Depression
• Loss or Grief
• Stress Management
• Lack of Self-Control
• Low Self-Esteem
• Difficulty with Trust, Intimacy and Affection
• Negativity, Hopelessness and Pessimism
• Lack of Empathy, Compassion, or Remorse

Trauma Recovery Breakthrough

Take a look at this video to see how ART changes lives.
Accelerated Resolution Therapy is a new form of psychotherapy with roots in existing evidence-based therapies. Benefits are achieved much more rapidly than with traditional therapies (usually within 1-5 sessions). Clients with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, sexual trauma and many other mental and physical conditions can experience dramatic results beginning with the first session. It really is that remarkable.